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Crime of the Century: The Failure to Prevent the Lead Poisoning Pandemic (Video)

Clinician-scientist Bruce Lanphear, MD, has produced a video on the lead pandemic: “Over the last century the planet has experienced the largest mass contamination in history, a pandemic of lead poisoning. Brought on by the deception and negligence of a corporate collusion to extract immense profit from the sale of a known, harmful material, the subsequent waste has cast a toxic shadow over the earth, leaving in its wake death, disease and crime.”

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Lead could be fueling America’s high blood pressure epidemic

There’s one possible reason so many Americans, especially those living in inner cities, have high blood pressure: lead exposure.

Researchers tested people’s bones for evidence they took in lead over the years. The heavy metal accumulates in bone and stays there for decades as people drink lead-tainted water, breathe in dust carrying lead or get it some other way. But if something causes its release — anything from simple aging to pregnancy or thyroid disease — it can raise blood pressure.

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New study could help decide whether chelation benefits the heart

Chelation therapy has long been scorned by many in the medical community. But after a major study suggested it was somewhat effective for heart disease, the alternative health treatment is once again going under the microscope. A second study called TACT 2 (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) will assess chelation’s heart-health benefits for patients with diabetes.

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Free info session on diabetes, heart disease, and TACT2

TACT2 investigator Dr. Richard Nahas will present a free information session on diabetes, heart disease, and the TACT2 study on Tuesday, February 13, 7:00–8:30 p.m., at Ben Franklin Place in Ottawa, ON. RSVP required. Contact 613.727.7246 or for more information.

Listen to Dr. Nahas talk about the history, goals, and significance of TACT2 in the video below.